Look Who's Getting Married


"I recently got married. My wife wanted the reception to be fun, so she suggested having a comedian. I thought that sounded like a neat idea, so I looked for one online. I found Perry Kurtz on Craigslist. I called him, and he actually returned my phone call. He sounded like he had an interesting gig, so we booked him. Along the way, we found him easy to work with. On the night of the party, we were running late, and he was pretty laid back about it. He went on, and as he warmed up, he became funnier and funnier. He has this incredible instrument called a keytar that he plays and does a freestyle rap to. It's hilarious. The funniest part is his final act. That's a surprise.
We highly recommend him!"

            Perry Entertains at a wedding  Perry uses an audience member to tell a story

Norman Masson 05/14/2017