Corporate Comedian Perry Kurtz for Corporate Comedy.
Finalist in L.A.'s Funniest Comedian Competition

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So, You Wanna Be A Comedian?

or just seem like one?

"A comic says funny things.
A comedian says things funny"

  • Perry Kurtz is the ONLY Comedy Trainer in Los Angeles recommended by Mark Lonow of The Improv for teaching comedy based on personality.

    Perry Kurtz, a working professional of OVER 39 years has:
    headlined thousands of comedy clubs and Corporate Events across the U.S. and the World
    Is a Paid Regular at The Comedy Store
    Was the director of The Comedy Store Players improv group in L.A.
    Most Hilarious Standup Comedian of LA Comedy Awards 2009-2011
    Finalist in L.A's Funniest Comedian

    Has been seen on:
    HBO's Young Comedians Special with Rodney Dangerfield
    Comedy Central's Stand Up Stand Up
    The A&E Network
    America's Funniest People
    Love Connection

    Writer and guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on NBC
    Winner on Let's Make A Deal
    America's Got Talent

    Won on The Extreme Gong Show on the Game Show Network
    The Star of "Drinking Beer and Smoking Cigarettes" on Youtube with OVER 1.5 Million Views

    Perry is now offering private coaching for anyone who would like to become funny or funnier. Or even get all the jokes they've been missin'.

    You will learn to be funny

    You will develop your natural sense of humor so that it is available

You will learn how to write, edit, and deliver material ONLY you can use.

You will understand all about:
personality discovery and development,
microphone and voice technique,
comedy writing and editing
comedic rhythm/timing/delivery,
finding paying work and staying sharp,
and much more.

Classes are now available for:
1. 1st Timers or You just want to be funny
2. Working Comics 5 years or less
3. Working Comics 5 years or more

If you are serious and willing to dedicate yourself to growing to your fullest potential comfortably, talk to me and let me know what kind of training program I can develop to help YOU do what you want to do.

If you really want to do something,
anything IS possible.

Contact me here

 Rates are negotiable.

Private coaching and writing is available
one-on-one, online, by phone,
or by email.

This training will enhance your life by allowing YOU to be funnier naturally.

It is also a great education for sales people and telemarketers that could use a sense of humor to close more sales.

Remember, EVERYONE "loves to laugh."

About Perry Kurtz

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