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 (as a paid performer)
Catch A Rising Star - Bally's, Las Vegas, NY, Reno NV
The Coach House* - San Juan Capistrano CA
The Comedy Cabarets*, Phila. PA
The Comedy Connexion* - Lansing, MI       
The Comedy Isle - San Diego, CA
The Comedy Store (Original & Main Rooms) Hollywood & La Jolla, CA
The Comedy Underground* - Seattle & Spokane WA
The Comedy Zone Circuit* - AL, AR, Bahamas, FL, GA, LA, NC, NJ, SC, VA
The Comic Strip - FL, NY & *El Paso, TX
Dangerfields* - NY & Las Vegas
The Galaxy Theater* - Santa Ana. CA
Giggles* - Seattle, WA
The Holy City Zoo* - San Francisco
The Ice House, Pasadena, CA 
Igby's - Los Angeles, CA
The Improvs - San Francisco & Los Angeles
The Laugh Factory - Hollywood, CA
The Punchlines - CA, FL, GA, & SC  
Rooster T Feathers*, Sunnyvale, CA
(More on request)


"Kurtz was unstoppable. Even the natives feared him."
Martin Sheen, Apocalypse Now

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Perry Kurtz 

The New Gong Show as The Comedic Keytarist ABC   2018
The Late Late Show with James Corden -  Featured Performer  CBS                                                       2018
We The People as Mark Rennick, Plaintiff CBS            2014
America’s Got Talent Contestant (Rapper & Dancer)
NBC                                                                       2013
Let’s Make A Deal Contestant (Winner) CBS              2013
The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno Free Lance Writer & Guest NBC                                                                       2012
Extreme Gong Show Contestant (Winner) The Game Show Network                                                   1992 to Present
America's Funniest People Featured Performer NBC    1985
The Good Time Café Comedian A&E Network             1986
Dangerfield’s Young Comedians Showcase HBO         1984
Partners In Crime Restaurant Patrons(Multiple Roles) NBC                                                                      1987
The Love Connection & Best Of Love Connection (Winner) NBC with over 260K views on YouTube     1985 to Present

" - Be A Booker" as a Tango Dancer      2019
Meijer Food, Olympics - as the Torch Grandpa Passing The  Torch                                                                    2017
Canadian Real Estate Association - as The Janitor     2016

Trained teenage cast of That's So Raven TV show in Comedy & Improv                                                        2004-2006
Comedy & Humor Instruction at numerous Adult Schools around Los Angeles                                         2000-2010
2 Humor in Life & Sales Seminars at UCLA for over 2000 students & business people                             1995-2009
Over 700 private comedy/humor students     1990-Present

2000+ Students @UCLA "Be a Comedian or Just Be Funny In Life and Business" Seminars                                2005

A-Hole Jewish Lawyer Industrial Training Film for CAPS
James Bond AT&T Industrial - Explaining the new calling features                                                                       1984

Stand-Up Comedy Clubs(As A Paid Performer) *=Headliner (More On Request)
Catch A Rising Star – Reno & Las Vegas, NV
Dangerfields* – NY & Las Vegas    4X a year from 1984-88
Laughs* - Seattle, WA
The Comedy Store Hollywood(Name Is On The Wall) & La Jolla, CA
The Comedy Zones - FL*, SC*, NC*, GA*,TX*, AL*, NJ*, PA*, MS*
The Comedy Underground*- Seattle & Spokane, WA
The Ice House – Pasadena, CA
The Improvisation - L.A., San Francisco, San Jose, CA
The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club - Universal City, Los Angeles
The Laugh Factory - Hollywood Laughs*-Seattle, WA
The Punchlines - San Francisco, CA*, FL*, GA*, SC*, WA*

Music Video
Star of "Drinking Beer & Smoking Cigarettes" on YouTube (Over 2.7 million views & 26K comments) (Google it)
Jon Lajoie Prods.                                                     2012

Wompler Turkeys Thanksgiving Turkey Wrote, Performed and Produced Commercial, WROQ, Greenville, SC    1992
Weekly Caller As Dr. Ruth Howard Stern Show     1993-1998

Other Appearances
LA Comedy Awards Winner "Most Viral New Video"  2013
LA Comedy Awards Winner "Most Hilarious Standup"
Host Of The Southern California AA Music Concert, Anaheim Hyatt Regency                                            2009 & 2010
Host Of The Long Beach Labor Day Concert & The Marina Del Rey Music Festivals                                    1995-1998
Coca Cola Corp. Xmas Party, Anderson, SC      1995 & 1997
Annual Host of The Southern California AA Roundup Comedy Nights                                                             1994-2015
The Friars Club Comedy Night, (booked through Milton Berle) congratulated for a clean set by Phyllis Diller (who lost her wig while giving Perry a kiss), Joey Bishop, Shecky Green (who told Perry that he was very short) & Johnny Carson who said he was very funny AND likable, & was insulted by Don Rickles. Johnny told Perry that if Rickles insulted him, he had a great career ahead of him.         1989
The National Organization of Women Convention, San Francisco at The S.F. Convention Center                    1987
Host Of The Black & White Ball with V.P. George Bush Sr., Louise Davies Hall, San Francisco w/20k attendees    1986
Host Of The San Francisco Exotic Erotic Halloween Ball with 10K attendees                                                  1982-1989

Close friends and mentored by Rodney Dangerfield & Milton Berle from 1984 until their passing, and regular improv partner and close friend of Robin Williams 1979-2015; Hundreds of Retirement homes & Senior Centers, Hospitals, Elk & Moose Lodges, Veterans Homes & Hospitals, Bar Mitzvahs, Foster Homes, Weddings, Anniversaries, Funerals;

Appeared with and Followed=% Comedians: Robin Williams%(13x), Rick Overton%(9x), Jerry Seinfeld, Rodney Dangerfield%(11x), Milton Berle%, Sam Kinison%(6x), Andrew Dice Clay%(9x), Ellen DeGeneres (2 weeks together in Reno), Dave Chapelle, Rosanne Barr, Tom Arnold%, Kevin Pollack, Kevin Meaney%(8x), Eddie Griffin%, Dana Carvey%Richard Pryor%(9x), Paula Poundstone, Paul Mooney%(12x) Rosie O'Donnel, Larry Miller, Bill Maher%, Whoopi Goldberg%, and Bob Saget.
Perry has opened for The Blue Oyster Cult in 1985,
and has been asked to and HAS sung his "Totally Narrational Improvisational Blues" with Big Brother & The Holding Company, The Chris Isaak Band, It's A Beautiful Day, Hootie & The Blowfish ( before they were famous), The Jefferson Starship, Night Ranger, The Robert Cray Band, Great White (2 weeks before the fire), Huey Lewis And The News, The Tubes on New Years Eve at The SF Palace of Fine Arts, The Greg Allman Band (2x), Clarence Clemmons, Sammy Hagar (2x), War (2x), The Tommy Castro Band, B.B. King (B.B. almost dropped his guitar while laughing), and Fleetwood Mac at Mick's suggestion


Proud Father of 4; Extensive Improvisation; Electric Guitar, Rhythm And Lead; Some Keyboards; Life Drawing, Painting And Instruction; Photography; Carpentry; Swimming; Snorkeling; Vocals; Dance; Hip Hop Dance; True Narrative Freestyle Rapping; Computers; Electrical; Sales & Sales Training; Radio Host And Guest; Public Speaking; Keynote Speaking; Motivational Speaking; Humor Education; Host/Emcee; Ventriloquism; Ice Skating; Dozens Of Accents And Characters; an Amazing Dr. Ruth Impression; Horseback Riding Western; Parasail; Waverunner Jet Skis; Oral Keytar Playing (; CA Driver's License


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