Comic's Dream of Downtown Success Is No Laughing Matter

Steve Harvey

September 1, 2004

Did you hear the one about the stand-up comic who tried to make a go of it at downtown L.A. night spots?

It's no joke to 53-year-old Perry Kurtz, comedian. And it's been a test of his good humor.

He got a dismal reception, for instance, at the Redwood 2nd Street Saloon, the L.A. Downtown News said. I could have predicted that — the Redwood is full of newspaper people, lawyers and bail bondsmen, none of whom are great listeners.

Kurtz also held a comedy night in a community room at the downtown Premiere Towers, where he lives, and it drew four tenants.

"How sad is that?" he told the Downtown News' Kristin Friedrich. "People next door wouldn't walk down the hall!" But maybe there are a few laughs to be had downtown after all. Kurtz is drawing respectable numbers on Wednesday nights at Little Pedro's Blue Bongo Bar on East 1st Street.

And he's ignoring the taunt in this calendar listing in the L.A. Weekly: "Perry Kurtz hosts live comedy in Downtown L.A., for some reason, at Little Pedro's."

Dressed for? "A resident was concerned that a porno movie was being filmed at a residence," the police log of the Los Alamitos News-Enterprise reported, "and that an adult female was in front in black lingerie with a black whip." Unless the whip indicates she's a jockey at the Los Alamitos Race Course. OK. Maybe I should leave the laughs to Kurtz.


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